Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Good Mother…

It has been another long stretch between posts, but I do have two cute photos to share.

A few weeks ago one of the Colobus Monkeys at Disney's Animal Kingdom had a baby. According to what I read in the newspaper, the keepers don't yet know if it is male or female, or even how much it weighs, because the mother is keeping it close. When we saw the monkeys this past weekend, mother and baby were very shy, but I did get a few shots. Right now the baby's fur is white and it looks like a little snowball. Over the next few months the fur will gradually turn almost completely black.

1 comment:

  1. How do the monkeys keep their hair so smooth and without any knots? ... and parted neatly down the middle of the back. Little baby seems to have cotton balls for hair. Amazing shots. Thought that may be a mirror .. no ... just another friend. What happened to the baby? Interesting colors. Nice touch of green at bottom of top photo. dr