Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blistering Paint…

If you don't already know by now, our big, blue GMC van caught fire and incinerated on Friday. It was a surreal experience, one that I do not want to repeat. Yesterday, Eddie & I drove to the location where the van had been towed so we could take photos for insurance purposes. While I was taking the pictures I couldn't resist taking a few "artsy" photos — two of which are pictured above. If you haven't already seen pictures of the fire, take a look in the expanded post.

Before & After


  1. Wow! These pictures are very interesting! It's great that you can take something as scary and devastating as a fire and make it into beautiful and facinating art! You are so talented!!

  2. Linda and Ed .... W-holy smoke! What a devastating experience. Tell me more about how that fire may have started. Photos here are certainly interesting. Fire and ice from an aerial view from a satellite? No, Linda's lens and cool manner catalogs your, and my, personal experience forever. Thank you for posting these amazing photos. dojoro

  3. Only an artist's eye can see beauty in such a horrific situation; the artsy photos have a feel of earthworks or collage, who'd know differently! Relieved that you, Eddie and the new camera made it out safely!

  4. Statues! The book! Can't wait. A tour of Central Park to see the many statues right here in NYC would serve you well.

    Can't get your experience out of my mind. How's Ed the hero doing? Quite an emotional tsunami for you both ... just think if he hadn't responded so quickly ... and you .... dr