Monday, January 5, 2009

Keep on taking Polaroids…sort of

My father loved gadgets and technology, and for much of my childhood taking pictures meant the latest Polaroid camera. Take a picture, pull it out of the camera, and watch it develop. If you have the same fond memories of Polaroids that I do, you will have fun with a new, freeware program name, appropriately enough, POLAROID.

Open the program and an image of a Polaroid camera appears on the desktop. Drag and drop a jpeg image over the camera image and the fun begins. There is a short wait while the picture is "taken", and then it is noisily ejected from the camera. A "Polariod" picture appears on the desktop — only it looks just like the photos from the real camera. Over the next few minutes you watch the picture "develop". It really is fun. Download the program from and give it a try! The program only works with jpegs.

Incidently, the photo is of our son and daughter-in-law.

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