Monday, January 5, 2009

The Birds 2009…

On Sunday, Eddie and I went Rollerbladding on the Old Fort King Trail in Hillsborough County, just south of where we stay in Florida. The trail begins at J.B. Sargeant Park County Park, located on the Hillsborough River. After rollerbladding, we took a short walk to the river and came upon an amazing scene. The sky above the river was swarming with birds. So were the Cypress trees lining the river banks. The birds are Turkey Vultures and Buzzards, not the most pleasant of birds, but from a distance they are something to behold. Interestingly, these birds did not make any noise, and except for the sound of wind in the trees, or the occasional plop of a fishing lure striking the water, the scene was very peaceful. Expand the post for more photos from the shot.

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