Monday, March 8, 2010

More local wildlife…

These photos were taken at my local lakes, Lake Margaret and Vanishing Lake. Vanishing is so named because when the water table is low, as it was last year, the lake disappears. The Great Egret was wading in Vanishing Lake before it took flight.

The photos were shot using the Nikon 70mm – 300mm zoom lens. I shot at 640 ISO so that I could use a fast shutter speed and capture the bird in flight.

While I was following the Egret in the sky, I was also able to capture a photo of this hawk — although I am not sure what type of hawk.

Over at Lake Margaret, a flock, or gaggle, of White Ibises were wading in the shallows.

This little guy was also hanging around the shore, but he never went near the other birds. He looked like an Ibis, but he wasn't white. I did a bit of research, and it seems this is what an immature White Ibis looks like.

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