Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year…

My wishes for a 

Happy, Healthy and 

Peaceful New Year.

In my last post I wrote that my blogging goal for 2010 is to post a photo a day — or 365 photos. I will certainly make me work for my photography. I need to get my my existing photo library organized, and I plan to spend a lot of time with my camera — and subsequently with my digital darkroom. I begin my quest (because it is a quest) with two photo for January 1 & 2. I had hoped to take a new photo to post on New Year's Day, but here in Central Florida it was raining a good part of the day. Instead, I looked to a series of photos from our stay in Hollywood last fall. In the mall behind Grauman's Chinese Theatre (yes, there is an urban mall behind the landmark theater) we saw this kiosk selling hats — mostly Yankee hats. I took a couple of shots before someone working at the kiosk said that photography was not allowed. I disagree — we were in a public venue — but I knew I already had some shots, so I moved on. I think the photos are fitting since our family is populated by avid Yankee fans, and there will be a Yankee themed family wedding next spring!

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