Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tokyo area commuter trains…

I changed the layout of the blog to accomodate a large sized photo. I haven't finished customizing it yet, so for now the blog background is white. If the photos are cut off on the right side, expand your browser window until you see the full image.

One afternoon during our Japan visit we boarded a local commuter train for a shopping trip to Machida, two stops awayOne of the first things we noticed about the train station was the cleanliness. The Japanese people do not littler — in fact I don't think they create trash, because there are no trash cans on the street.

Once on the train, also spotless, we noticed that almost everyone was either reading from a cell phone or texting, but no one was talking on the phone. Later we saw signs on the train asking everyone to put their phones in "courtesy" mode. They ask for courtesy on the LIRR also, but it doesn't really work! 

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