Thursday, October 29, 2009


Note:  Blogger has made some changes in how pictures are handled. Now, when I publish a landscape orientation photo in the largest size, the photo is cut off on right side. Something I need to work on, but not tonight!

The streets in Japan, at least in the area around Tokyo, are very narrow. With all the bicyclists around, we were amazed that we did not see any accidents. Here are a few fun photos of local traffic. 

Neither Eddie or I got behind the wheel, which is on the right side of the car, but I did ride in the front seat when my daughter-in-law drove, and I took some pictures through the windshield.
In two-way traffic it really did not look like two cars could fit on the roadway.

Approaching a turn, it really seemed as though a head on collision was about imminent.

In one of the above photos, you can see a figure just behind a car.

Enlarge the image and you see one of the ubiquitous citizens out in public with a protective mask.

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