Sunday, July 19, 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk—Northport Version…

Yesterday was the World Wide Photo Walk, and over thirty photography enthusiasts spent the late morning hours in the Village of Northport, taking photos, exchanging ideas, and generally having a great time. I am really glad I decided to volunteer to lead a walk in Northport. The photographers who signed up couldn't have been nicer, the weather was perfect, and everyone had the opportunity to shoot some really good photogaphs.

We met at the gazebo in the park and before heading out we posed for a group photo. Thanks to Leon for suggesting the vantage point for the photograph!

The stroller at the top right of the photograph belongs to Hunter, our youngest PhotoWalker.
First stop, Northport Harbor, the docks, and the Saturday morning, Farmers' Market. Here Anthony gets up close and personal with the harbor.

The owners of Seymour's Boat Yard, a Northport Landmark, were gracious enough to allow PhotoWalkers to enter their property and document Northport's maritime roots.
The walk continued along Bayview Avenue and included a stop at the home of friends of mine who were kind enough to offer their beautiful garden and harbor view to the PhotoWalkers. More than a few photographers did not want to leave the beauty of the backyard.
Next to last stop on PhotoWalk was Main street.
After meandering up and down Main Street, we met at Copenhagen Bakery for a bit of relaxation and lunch. When Fleming Hansen, the owner of Copenhagen, heard about the PhotoWalk, he immediately offered a discount to group members who stopped for lunch after the walk. Thanks so much, Fleming. Everyone loved the food!
Thanks to everyone who participated for a wonderful day. We have started a Flickr group — to view photos taken by some of the other PhotoWalkers, visit

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  1. Hi Linda,
    I found your blog through a local news site I subscribe to. I'm a former Huntingtonian and have been living in Michigan. I, too, went on the Worldwide Photowalk but in East Lansing, Michigan. It was great seeing local photos of my old stomping grounds.