Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Swansboro, North Carolina

Last week we were in North Carolina visiting my mother for her 85th birthday. (Way to go, Ma!) New Bern is located at the meeting of the Neuse and Trent Rivers, and not far from the Intercostal Waterway. About thirty miles from New Bern is the picturesque (which also means touristy) town of Swansboro, located at the mouth of the White Oak River and just across the Intercostal Waterway from the barrier beach and the Atlantic Ocean. "Downtown" is narrow street about three blocks long lined with shops and homes. It rained on and off while were were there, but that didn't stop me from capturing some local color!

More photos in the expanded post.

The fishing boat, from another vantage point and with the colors muted.

Doorway to one of the many shops housed in historic buildings.

This second story home was located in the back of one of the shops. It looks as if the inhabitants take living in a seafaring village very seriously.

This final photograph isn't much to look at, but tells an interesting story. The ripples in the water were made by a school of small fish that kept jumping out of the water. You could see the fish nearing the surface and making ripples, and then all of a sudden a bunch would jump out of the water. The school was huge, and the antics went on for a good twenty minutes before we left the dock. I went back on the dock a little later, but all the fish had gone. I couldn't capture the fish, but at least I got their ripples.


  1. Hey Linda stunning as usual. The "muted boats" and the "fish ripples" are the ones I love best. They have great atmosphere. I think the fish may have been bunker fish. you can see them at Northport too. The Blue fish chase then into the harbor trapping them and feed on them causing the bunker to flee and jump out of the water.

  2. I used to love to watch the bunker too